Never Ending Wine Fountain in Italy Takes on Beer Fountain

Wine Fountain Allows Fill-Ups At Any Time

Italy is the place of every wine lover’s dream. The ultimate wine tasting is sure to happen in Italy. The grapes that are grown there make people around the world rejoice. But now there’s one more reason for wine lovers to visit this beautiful country. In Ortana, Abruzzo there is 24 hour access to a red wine fountain.

That’s right, you can fill up your cup any time of the day. Its good wine too. Its made from the montepulciano wine grapes that are grown locally. This town is just a little south of Rome and lies on a historic 196 mile pilgrimage route.

Roman Catholic visitors walk from Rome to Ortana each year visiting churches and abbeys along the way. It is believed that Ortana houses the remains of Saint Thomas, drawing people in from around the world. This and the never-ending wine fountain make it a perfect place to plan a guilt free vacation.

This isn’t the only place though in the world where the wine flows freely all day. In Spain there is another red wine fountain. This fountain may be more popular than you are as it has its very own webcam that people can tune in to. You can now jealously watch others fill up their bottles with free wine.

Don’t worry beer lovers

Wine isn’t for everyone. For those that prefer beer over wine, there are options for you as well. In Belgium there is a two mile beer pipeline that supplies the entire city with a local brew. This pipeline is responsible for pumping 1000 gallons into the area from a local brewery.

Not everyone gets access to this beer though. Only the bars that helped to pay for the installation of the pipeline have access to the beer. This makes it easier on those bars as they don’t have to wait for the truck to arrive.

Still not sold? Well it may be time to take a trip to Slovenia. It is here where you can find the equivalent to the wine fountains but for beer lovers. There is a beer fountain shaped like a hop that has eight taps. Each of these taps pours out a unique beer from the area.

When you arrive you are given a unique glass to use. It allows you to refill at any of the eight taps, five times. The mayor explains the reason for this. They don’t want people to get drunk, they “want to promote the culture of drinking beer”. What better way is there to do that then grabbing a few mugs with some friends from a dispensary shaped like a hop?