Time to Get Naked in Paris! Park Changes Rules

nudist park censored france
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Paris is famous for fine wine, great food and now nudity. The city has decided to give park goers the opportunity to hang out in the buff. Yep, that’s right. You can get naked in Bois de Vincennes, the largest park in the city. A nudist zone has been created to allow park visitors a chance to become one with nature.

Anyone that has ever visited the city is aware that there is nudity in paintings hanging in museums, on beaches in the French Riveria, and three times weekly in the  Roger Le Gall public swimming pool, but now people can hang out naked in the park.

Very interesting.

Park officials have set aside an area near the bird sanctuary for anyone that wants to take off their clothes and get naked with nature. Of course, very specific rules have been put in place and there are signs to warn of potential nudity.

Nudist park with some people
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Can you imagine, you finally save enough money to make it to your dream destination and stop in the park to enjoy the scenery and there’s a bunch of naked people hanging out? Shocking. In reality, public nudity is frowned upon here in the states, but not so much elsewhere. Nudity is not uncommon in Paris.

Nudity is not uncommon in Paris. There is a Nudist Association and 2 million nudists that live in Paris. And every summer, many more nudists flock to the city to experience the wine, food, and of course, to get naked.

But don’t get too excited. The park’s nudist area is an experiment. So anyone that is interested in becoming one with nature in the park in Paris only has until October 15, 2017, to do so. If you’ve never gone nude before, Paris is a great place to take off your clothes and try something new.