Plane Fire at Chicago O’Hare Airport – American Airlines Flight 383

American Airlines Flight 383 on Fire

Fire and smoke billowed out of Chicago O’Hare Airport today, as an American Airlines flight burst into flames on the runway. The American Airlines flight was due to take off, but the pilot noticed an engine issue and quickly aborted the takeoff. Passengers evacuated the plane fire by sliding down an emergency slide. Luckily, no injuries were reported. 170 passengers and crew made it out safely, but the runway was closed due to the plane fire. An additional two runways were closed around 3:30.

A Scary Story of a Plane Fire

Social media was the number one tool used during the incident. Passengers took pictures and videos of the situation, and shared them online. Twitter user Donnadanooshhh posted a video of the black smoke billowing from the plane on Twitter, gathering over 500 retweets in under one hour. The 45 second clip shows the smoke rising hundreds of feet, while the man looks on in shock.

Facebook user Hector Gustavo Cardenas posted a video of the action inside the plane, as passengers escaped in a panic and ran away from the plane. This was the most raw footage available, and showed the fear and hysteria of the passengers. Again, they were lucky to be alive. Cardenas, as well as the pilot, confirmed that if the plane had continued, it would have taken off in about 15 seconds. If that happened, according to Cardenas, it “would have been a good bye”.

The plane was reported to have been contained by fire crews, as they sprayed flame-retardant foam on the plane and runway. The 767 continues to sit on the runway as many social media users share the related posts. The nation blew a collective sigh of relief, as this could have easily been a horrible disaster.

The airport has yet to release a statement on the issue.