Flying High: Just How Safe is Plane Travel?

Airplanes have always been considered a safe way to travel, but there have been numerous crashes over the years. Planes have literally disappeared out of the sky with little to no clues as to where they have gone. Think MH370. Remember all the coverage it got? The big question is: is flying still the safest way to travel? The jury is still out. And are those pilots well trained? We all want to know where they learn how to fly.

Pilots are required to have their commercial licenses before they can be hired by an airline. They also need to have 20/20 vision, over 3,000 hours of air time on the books and be over the age of 21. Most pilots also have advanced degrees and are in excellent health. So what you see in the movies when the pilot drops dead while in flight is not likely to happen (although we are sure there are those rare instances). There are probably rare cases, but it’s not that common. And remember, there’s always a co-pilot by their side.

Plane Travel: Not Much to Worry About

Plane in the sky
Source: Pexels

It should also help put you at ease to know and understand that every pilot has to undergo psychological testing to make sure they can handle the pressure of flying a plane. The majority of pilots go their entire career without experiencing any flight issues. So yes, a plane is still a safe way to travel. Crashes and disappearing air crafts are rare occurrences.

So the plane you get on will not fall from the sky, get hit by a bird or have snakes on it. You may not even experience any turbulence because pilots work hard to prevent passengers from discomfort. They are professionals after all. If you’re planning a trip, don’t worry, flying is one of the best ways to get to your destination quickly.

Take that trip and see what the world looks like from the window of an airplane. You will be completely safe.