This App Reimburses Your Flight Delays Right Away

Flight delays are an unpleasant yet unavoidable part of traveling.  Even the world’s most punctual airline, KLM, only has 88.5% of its flights arrive on time.   When these delays happen, you immediately think about how your plans are derailed.  Will I miss my connecting flight?  Will I miss my meeting?  But maybe you should start thinking about reimbursements.  The new app AirHelp starts exploring your options right away.

How it works

air help app

You’ve just heard the dreaded announcement—your flight is delayed.  Open the AirHelp app and scan your boarding pass.  The app pulls the information it needs (i.e. flight number, destination, etc.) and starts working on your behalf.  You could be awarded up to $700 for your trouble.  And that’s per passenger!

The results

flight compensation

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not.  As reported by Bloomberg, AirHelp has processed more than 2 million claims since 2013.  Those claims have totaled a massive $195 million.  And the average payout amount is between $500-600.

You’re probably kicking yourself thinking about all the loot you could’ve received from flight delays.  But don’t be so hard on yourself.  Part of AirHelp’s mission is educating passengers about their rights, and then supporting them through that process.

Flight delays aren’t the only flight mishaps that can net you a quick settlement.  Cancellations, denied boarding, and even luggage problems are grounds for compensation.

The caveat

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Not every delay is eligible for a payout.  For domestic flights, you just have to suck it up.  However, if you’ve been delayed more than 3 hours on an international flight, you might have a case.  It’s crucial to do your due diligence and know your rights.  However, if you aren’t sure and want a second opinion, AirHelp gives it to you in under 3 minutes, free of charge.

Your next flight

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At bare minimum, you should install AirHelp on your phone.  This way, you can find a way to manage any unpleasant airport experiences.  However, it’s worth it to investigate your rights.  They aren’t as expansive as you think.  Lifehacker writer Patrick Allan recently detailed the few rights you do have.  The sad truth?  A lot of airlines’ “unacceptable” behavior is perfectly legal.  Overbooking is fine despite the headache it causes.

Apps like AirHelp ensure someone is fighting for the passenger.  However, it’s still your responsibility to know your rights.  Who knows?  You could end up with a ton of unexpected cash flow.