Road Rage Is On the Rise – Be Careful When Driving

The warm weather is upon us and more and more people are hitting the highways headed to various sunny destinations. And as travel is on the rise, so are road rage incidents. We hear about them on the news and read about them in our local newspapers almost daily. People losing their cool and blowing simple situations out of control. There seems to be no end to it.

What makes seemingly normal people lose their minds and attack complete strangers for minor traffic faux pas’ like following too close or failing to signal before changing lanes? Sure it’s frustrating. But not frustrating enough to make you want to take someone’s life. At least it shouldn’t be.

Here is a link to the latest horror story of road rage gone wrong This dude wasn’t even driving. If someone ticks you off while you’re on the road, there’s no need to follow them when they get off the exit ramp. We have to learn to let things go. Life is too short.

Way too short.

Road rage
Source: Flickr

There’s no need to “take it to the streets” and lay hands on complete strangers just because you don’t like the way they drive. People are human. And humans make mistakes. Plain and simple. No matter how bad their driving gets, just let them pass or get away from them as quickly and as safely as you possibly can. You never know what is going through the mind of the other driver.

And while you feel the need to call them out on their failure to signal or for cutting you off, their mind could be reeling from just losing their job, their home, or who knows what else. As angry as you may be, they could be even angrier. And they could have a weapon with them. So when you follow them off the exit to “tell them off,” it may be the last thing you ever do.

Wise up people. Stay sane. Stay safe. Road rage is no joking matter.