Mistakes to Avoid for Solo Women Travelers

You may have lofty travel goals that others don’t share. This could require you to become a solo female traveler. Contrary to popular belief, you can still have a safe enjoyable time solo. Here are some mistakes to avoid on your first of many solo journeys.

Not trusting the local people. It is important to be cautious but remember that not everyone is out to get you. They may be interested in your culture as you are in theirs.

Not telling men when you aren’t interested. No one wants to be mean, but it is important to be assertive when you are getting attention you are not interested in.

Not researching the culture. You should be aware of etiquette and also what to wear as a solo female traveler.

Not telling someone where you are headed. Someone should always know where you are. If you have no one to tell, tell someone at the front desk of your hotel. Should something go wrong, this is very important.

solo women travelers
Source: Pixabay

Being careless with your purse or bag. Something that latches and crosses over the body is a good start.

Not preparing for emergencies. Know the local emergency number. Know how to ask for help in the local language. Consider having a translator app on your phone.

Avoiding purchasing travel insurance. This will cover anything from cancellations or delays to emergency medical. If you are traveling internationally you should never leave home without it.

Not hiding your phone or other expensive items. To avoid being robbed, do not dress flashy or have your phone out, keep it in your bag.

Not trying local food. The best place to eat is where the community eats! It may not be your favorite but it’s always a great experience.

Not being confident. Feel empowered with your decision to travel solo. It will be a life changing.

Traveling solo can be a wonderful experience. What you eat, the things you experience and anything you do is up to you, there’s no compromising! Meeting people is much easier because people are curious about solo female travelers. You are able to do what you like when you like. You will learn how resourceful you are and how to handle situations that come up.