Traveling Internationally – Top Ten Tips!

Traveling is always an adventure – seeing new places, meeting new people and exploring other cultures… these are all parts of traveling internationally. When your travels take you across the border, there are usually some additional planning requirements as well as travel considerations you must take in order to have a successful trip.  If you are traveling internationally, keep these 11 easy tips in mind.

1. Don’t take cheap selfies, memories are the most important treasure you’ll have

Perfect Summer Selfie

Beautiful photos will help you to have great souvenirs of your traveling. Many travelers forget important moments of their life because they are not documented. Sometimes you can lose your photo because of the conditions in the environment. For example: imagine you are having a great night with your travel friends. You are so happy and don’t want this moment to end. You take out your mobile phone and make a selfie of you and your friends.

You wake up the following day, and BAM! Every last selfie, even the one with Joey with that ridiculous thing on is head (what the hell was it?!), is blurred and ugly. You can kiss goodbye this enjoyable moment you just had because time will erase most of this memory (if the alcohol didn’t already).

BUT: There is a simple solution— the TruLight Selfie Ring. It is a light enhancer that guarantees a  professional-looking selfie that will last forever.

TruLight create equally spread light across the face and illuminate the eyes, creating magnificent reflections. Your social media account will explode from all these likes on your photos.