How To Visit The World’s Top 10 Secret Locations

If you’re like most people, you’ve likely spent the bulk of your summer traveling to new places.  Whether they were exotic excursions, safaris, or just trips to visit family, most of us hit the road at some point.  But odds are, none of us booked a flight to any of these places.  The world’s most exclusive secret locations are full of intrigue, mystery, and a little bit of danger.  You won’t find them in your travel agent’s brochure, but there are ways to gain access if you dig a little deeper.

  1. Queen Elizabeth II’s Bedroom at Buckingham Palace

    queen elizabeth bedroom

We’ll start this list of secret locations in the United Kingdom. The royal family is notoriously private. So private that the royal highness sleeps in multiple rooms throughout Buckingham Palace’s second floor.  But if you’re on a tour, you’ll only have access to 19 state rooms.  The Queen’s quarters are hidden behind secret doors, the locations of which are only known by a handful of people.  If you want to get in, you’ll have to dodge security and take yourself on an unofficial tour like Michael Fagan.  Back in 1982, he broke in and stumbled upon the Queen’s royal bedroom.  But as you can imagine, the royal guards will have no mercy on you.  So weigh the risk.