Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Tips

ugly Christmas sweater
Source: Pixabay

There is no doubt that the holiday season is upon us. You have most likely heard of the ugly Christmas sweater, or at least seen them around at places like your local Walmart. They are carried in a lot of places. The appeal is that they are so ugly yet so fun. My husband found one that he really likes with a unicorn on it and another one with a lama. When it comes to Christmas sweaters, the tackier the better. Here are some tips for an ugly Christmas sweater party.

  1. Think beyond the sweater. You might consider a tacky skirt with bows. Or even just gluing items to a skirt or the rest of the tacky ensemble.
  2. Don’t forget your hair. You could opt for a Santa hat, but let’s get more creative than that. You might want your hair in the shape of a Christmas tree. There are tutorials on how to do this online, but basically, you start with a tree form and then pin your hair to it. You could even spray with green hair dye. You could also decorate a bun into a reindeer by giving a nose in the middle and some pipe cleaners as antlers!
  3. For men, don’t forget to accessorize your beard if you have one. You can add dollar store mini ornaments with bobby pins.
ugly Christmas sweater
Source: Pixabay
  1. Don’t forget the snacks, such as ugly tree cupcakes or even ugly sweater cookies! If you don’t want to make them yourself, Trader Joe’s has an Ugly Sweater Christmas Cookie Decorating kit.
  2. Do a gift exchange with gag gifts. Set a limit of $5 or $10 and encourage thrift store finds. Then do a “Yankee Swap”.
  3. Take lots of photos. You could decorate a frame with lights and hold it up for people to take pictures in it.
  4. Don’t forget to play appropriate music. Make sure to play Ugly Sweater Party Playlists on Spotify.
  5. Give an award for the ugliest sweater.

The holidays can be very stressful, but there’s no reason you can’t lighten things up with an ugly Christmas sweater party.