Emotional Affair: What It Means and How to Stop It

What is an Emotional Affair?

An emotional affair is a connection between two people where at least one is married, and there is no sexual interaction, it is simply an emotional connection. The guilty party will usually justify their actions because there is no sex involved. The problem is the married party in an emotional affair is making more of an investment into someone else besides their spouse.

Is it cheating?

An emotional affair is cheating. The married person is often secretive and deceptive in order to spend time with their favorite person. If you are texting someone at three in the morning with your dreams and fears, you are having an emotional affair. This will cause serious damage to your marriage.

How do you know if you are having an one?

Emotional Affair
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If this person is always on your mind, no matter how distracted you are, that can be a sign of an emotional affair. Are you comparing someone else to your spouse? Do you long for the next time you will connect with them? You may even start changing your routine to spend more time with them. You’re getting your emotional needs met outside of your primary relationship. Are you deleting texts? These are all bad signs.

What should you do to save your marriage?

You should have a heart to heart discussion with your spouse. Professional help is a great option as well. Remove the triggers, such as whatever social media platform you have been using as well as the cell phone if necessary. You may even have to change your physical environment. The best solution is to invest in your marriage and try to repair it. Avoid distance. If you travel a lot, call and text your spouse often. Most importantly, cut off contact with the person the emotional affair was with.